Mental Healthcare Fund

The Mental Health Care Fund is a compassionate initiative established by the Lietke Family in memory of Drew Lietke. The Education Foundation of New Berlin and School District of New Berlin understand that not every family has the financial means to access crucial mental health care.  Through district partnerships, care has been made more accessible in school and this fund has been created with the aim of ensuring that no child in our district, will go without the mental health care and support they need.

At EFNB, we are dedicated to fostering a community that values and supports public education in all its facets. Among our most impactful initiatives is the Drew Lietke Memorial Mental Health Care Fund.

Collaboration with School District of New Berlin

EFNB collaborates closely with SDNB to support mental health initiatives through the SDNB Mental Health Advisory Committee. This committee, composed of school staff, officials, mental health professionals, and parents, focuses on proactive strategies to identify and address mental health-related barriers to academic success. Their efforts have resulted in increased suicide awareness, social-emotional learning (SEL) events for parents, enhanced professional learning for staff, and ongoing grant funding to expand school-based mental healthcare services.

Partnership with Mental Healthcare Providers

Since 2019-20, SDNB has secured approximately $479,800 in mental health grants, partnering with agencies such as Family Service of Waukesha, Clinical Psychology Associates, Integrative Psyche, and more. These partnerships enable the delivery of on-site mental health services directly to students during the school day, ensuring they receive the support they need.

How the Fund Works

The Drew Lietke Memorial Mental Health Care Fund addresses the critical need for accessible mental health care. The fund provides grants to partner mental healthcare providers, selected by SDNB, to offer direct and in-school mental healthcare support to students facing financial barriers to accessing care. Funds help families with co-pays and deductibles to access needed care that would otherwise be out of reach.

How You Can Help

Donations to the Mental Healthcare Fund are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. As a 501c3 designated charitable organization (FEIN: 81-4467434), EFNB welcomes your support. To contribute, click here or mail a check to EFNB at 4333 S Sunnyslope Rd., New Berlin, WI 53151 (be sure to put Mental Health donation in the memo). 

Together, we can ensure that every student in the SDNB has access to the mental health care they need to thrive academically and emotionally.

Drew Lietke
2004 - 2018