Impact Grants

Impact Grant Program Announced

Submission Deadline - 3:59 PM January 16, 2023

For the third year, the Foundation will award funding via a competitive grant process for educational initiatives. Through the generosity of its donors, the Education Foundation of New Berlin is able to award funds to teachers, staff, and administrators looking to start new programs or fund existing projects that make a high impact, and go above and beyond what is covered through public funding.

All School District of New Berlin teachers and staff are eligible and encouraged to apply. Individual and collaborative applications will be accepted. Successful applicants implement new strategies to improve instruction in individual classrooms, grade levels, departments, or programs which may involve multiple schools, but must be for a single program.

All projects furthering excellence in education for School District of New Berlin schools and students will be considered. Priority consideration is given to innovative approaches to education and projects which clearly articulate a need or opportunity of high impact which is beyond the means of the district’s annual budget.

Proposals must demonstrate sustainability beyond the life of the grant. Applicants must submit the grant application form online. The Grants Committee will evaluate the quality of each grant request, confirm that applicants have secured all necessary approvals and rank the submissions based on the project, impact, enrichment, procedure, assessments, timeline, and budget. Once ranked by Committee, the EFNB Board will vote on whether to fund each request, beginning with those receiving the highest rankings and moving down the list until funds for the year have been allocated and/or all worthy applications have been considered.

2022 Impact Grants

$7,800 in Impact Grants were awarded in February 2022!

The programs funded support physical education and mental health initiatives above and beyond regular programming for all four elementary schools, as well as at a district level.

The Mindful Movement Program will help students quiet their minds by developing a stronger connection to their bodies through guided movement. Utilizing movement-based practices in the classroom can help students reset their nervous system when needed so they are better prepared to pay attention and learn. The equipment provided by the grant will not only be used to support classroom learning but also support the professional development of teachers and staff throughout the district. This award of $2,800 is presented to Poplar Creek third-grade teacher Nichole Donahue and Ronald Reagan kindergarten teacher Melissa Schmalz.

The First Tee School Program aims to create a safe introduction to golf technique and vocabulary while helping students strengthen their character and confidence through the positive personal and social values associated with the lifetime sport. This program will extend the golf curriculum from the secondary schools into fourth-through-sixth grades at all elementary schools. This award of $5,000 is presented to physical education teachers Katie Mulloy at Ronald Reagan and Melanie Gearhart at Elmwood.

The Impact Grant Program, now in the second year has provided educators with $15,930! The EFNB encourages School District of New Berlin educators to request funds for programs that prepare students for a successful future. All SDNB teachers and staff were eligible and encouraged to apply with individual or collaborative applications.

2021 Grantees

Flexible Seating in third-grade pod at Ronald Reagan emphasizes group learning and collaboration.

Grant funding provided all of these books to fourth- graders.

- Emily Barber, Ronald Reagan, $1,250 for a flexible learning zone for the third-grade pod

- Katie Berg, Ronald Reagan, $1,250 for a flexible learning zone for the third-grade pod

- Drew Dierksmeier, Ronald Reagan, $421 for social-emotional read-aloud books

- Dana McLaren, Eisenhower, $2,109 for 3D printing equipment

- Ryan Meisel, Eisenhower, $1,575 for world music appreciation instruments

- Tracy Olson, Ronald Reagan, $1,525 for a fourth-grade book club.